Thursday, September 20, 2012

Martha Stewart Closet Organizer Review


I always like to get things organized when fall comes around and the kiddos are back in school.  So I decided to tackle some closet organizers.  I'm not sure if you have ever looked into closet organizers -  they are not cheap!  I ended up going with the Martha Stewart Closets line.  You can see the complete line here or you can check them out on Home Depot's website here.

Before - My Side.... Embarassing!

His side.... plus a little of mine! 
I liked these closet organizers a lot, they are easy to install and I was able to do our entire twelve feet of walk-in closet for under $500.  If you choose to purchase these closet organizers I recommend choosing the white option to save yourself a bundle of money on the shelves.  Instead of buying a two pack of shelves for $35 from Martha Stewart closets, I opted to go to Home D and buy an 8ft white shelf for about $9,  then I had them cut down to the exact sizes I needed.  I easily ended up with 4 shelves per plank so you can save a lot by doing it this way.  You need to pick up some little shelf supports in the hardware section though.
Yay! I love my closet now!

Check out the basket at the bottom!

These baskets are super sturdy!  I put them in my kids rooms too!

I am very happy with this product, so much so that I put them in my kids closets too!  

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Monday, September 17, 2012

You Had Me at Vintage.....

You all have probably seen the new 2012 Ikea catalogue by now - I don't know about you, but I get excited about it's arrival every year!  This year did not disappoint!

It is sheer brilliance on Ikea's part to bring bring back a classic wing back chair from 1951!  Some of you may associate wing-backs with Grandma's house, but in my opinion once your head is nestled into one of it's corners there is no better reading chair.  

I'm a sucker for grey especially when it's warmed up with a cream cable knit throw.  A touch of vintage in a room gives a room character and a soul - this versatile chair could work in many of the rooms in my home.  Would this chair blend with your decorating style?

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Welcome, and thank you for stopping by to see my new home!

I am pleased to tell you that the process of moving my former blog, Peace Love Sweater, to this new site has begun.

The name Van Breugel Design is a name I've always wanted to use.  (Van Breugel was my grandmother's maiden name.) As a young girl, I used to sit in my grandma's house and knit, or sew, or do some sort of art  and she would often tell me, "You should start a business some day!"  She must have seen something in me early on - she was a great believer in me from day one!  So this little blog is dedicated to her.....

I hope you all enjoy!